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Friday, July 22, 2011

Do Your Research Before Buying a Used or Expired Domain Name

For many companies, search engine visibility is often constrained by two key factors – the strength of both their Google Page Rank and their domain name. It isn't easy to find short, memorable domain names because, let's face it, the Internet has been around for awhile now and most of the good ones have been taken.

Sometimes businesses will choose to buy used domain name in order to capitalize on the name recognition of a business that once owned the domain or more often that not to use it to build their own brand online. What some companies don't understand though is that buying used domain names can pose a number of problems. SEO Web Design Tips urges you to know what you're getting yourself into!

Metaphorically speaking, when you purchase a used car, any mechanical issues that are wrong with the car you're purchasing then become your problem. In the same manner, if you buy an expired domain name, any problems or issues with that domain's history are now entirely the problem of the purchasing company. Certainly there is potential to capitalize on instant popularity or traffic when purchasing a reputable expired domain name, but more often than not buying a used domain name carries several risks.

The most glaring problem that companies may encounter when buying used domain names is that the domain may have been cited for being in violation of Google’s strict policies, or outrightly banned by Google. If you'd like to see if a domain name that you're considering purchasing comes with “baggage,” you can check in a few places:
  • you can access the WHOIS database to find out when a domain name was first registered. Keep in mind that Google tends to give more weight to domain names that have been around for several years.
  • in your Google search bar you can type in "", which you view any pages that have been indexed by Google. It is likely that Google has blocked the domain name if there aren't any cached pages.
  • take a look at who is linking to the domain name and make sure the links that are pointing to the domain are relevant to the domain's purpose.
Some used vehicles come with CarFax, but when when you buy used domain name there isn't a sure-fire way to know if what you're purchasing is a “lemon”, but by taking the simple tools above to screen the expired domain prior to purchasing it, you can avoid major issues with ranking in the search engines. To learn more about how to Register a Domain and Domain Management, contact us today!

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