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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Using Twitter for SEO

Over the past 5 years since its launch, social media pillar Twitter has amassed over 200 million users who blast out an average of 200 million Tweets on a daily basis.

For those of you who aren't on Twitter, “Tweets” are short 140-character messages that are meant to be focused messages on specific thoughts or trending topics that are being discussed on Twitterverse. Since its launch in 2006, Twitter's growing popularity has long since been speculated to influence Website rankings in the major search engines. Last year, search engine giant Google and competitor Bing have both affirmed that sentiment as FACT. Twitter DOES influence search results and for this fact one of the more important SEO Web Design Tips we can give you on how to get more traffic is to utilize Twitter for SEO.

Because of this admission, several Websites have begun tests on just how much Twitter impacts search engine ranks versus the traditional link building methods that search engine optimizers are accustomed to. In one such example of testing out this theory, a Website compared the effectiveness of Twitter links against traditional link building by setting up two separate pages that were developed for linking – one with exclusively links from Twitter and the other with the traditional method. Despite not having any long-term results to point to, the theory checked out and the site using Twitter for SEO links greatly surpassed the effectiveness of traditional link building.

Online Retailers Should be Using Twitter for SEO

Twitter has become a valuable – and FREE – means for businesses to spread their message to users who may be interested in purchasing their products or services. But now with this persuasive information on how Twitter impacts Google and Bing rankings, businesses can not afford to not be on Twitter.

Analytically speaking, there is a high probability that pages using Twitter links will also begin to influence pages with traditional link building methods and thus lead to higher ranks for both.

It's almost certain that these pages with traditional link building and Tweet-based links will start to influence each other and lead to higher search engine rankings for both. As you digest this notion, if you're an online retailer it's imperative that you work with a reputable Atlanta SEO Company that can develop link building strategies that utilize both traditional methods and also use Twitter for SEO.

If your business isn't already on Twitter, it's time to start now!

Check out this SEOmoz article to find out more about Twitter influences search engine rankings and why you should use Twitter for SEO.

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